to connect to the world 世界とつながるために

01/10/2018 art

I love ceramics.

Especially Japanese ceramics. I have been involved in this world since 2002 (!)

But I don’t know why I love it.

I love it because it meant to be used.

I love it because it feels good in your hands.

I love it because….

To be honest, I don’t have my answer yet.

And I am feeling like I will never find it.

That is why I love the poem about bowl. (see the last post)

Every time I read it, I feel something warm inside me.

Everyone has their own way to connect to the world.

One of mine is meeting people who loves Japanese ceramics.

I know, it is pretty limited world, but still I wish I could meet someone.

(and there’s another big one….translation. well, much bigger way.

I will write about it later!)











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