your answer あなたのこたえ

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” I don’t believe I can change other people. I am not an educator. I am not your inspiration. I know you already know the answer.   I do like my tiny life in the big city. But I am not saying tinier is better. Your size is not the same as mine. (my husband has more than 1,000 possessions, and I do not mind it at all.)Read More

your life あなたのくらし

To live well, or more likely to erase your fear. To fill the void that exists inside you. You need to get more and more…this and that… You need a lot of money, too. Oh, maybe you need to do that to be like her/him… That should fix it…   Really? Do you really, really need that? Why do you need to be like someone in the first place??   If your life is limited, and if you cannot getRead More

my limited time わたしの時間

Just realized that I am dying. Every single second. If so, what is the most important thing for me? What do I really want to do with my life? What makes me feel that I am truly living? I want to say “oh I had so much fun!” when I leave this world. I want to love and to be loved. So I need to be more careful about what I live with. Since I don’t have enough time toRead More

to creators つくるひとへ

06/08/2017 art

to creators. Why do you make? I think people make things because they can’t help. While keep making, you started caring about other things. “Is that good enough?” “Is this worth it?” “What do I do with this, anyway?”… You’d start making reasons to make. Remember, at the very beginning, did anyone ask you to make that? I don’t think so. You started because you wanted to. Do you remember the feeling you had at the first time? The reasonRead More

dai joh bu だいじょうぶ

  dai joh bu だいじょうぶ “You are fine.” “Everything is gonna be alright.” “Everything is already perfect.” I want to say this to myself, and to everyone. I know I am vulnerable, cold, fragile, and selfish… Still I am perfect, in the way I am now. I am just fine. All I need to know is this. Please remind me when I lost. I do the same to you, when you need it. No matter what comes next, I am fine,Read More

SAYONARA, good girl! いい子とさようなら

SAYONARA, good girl! Living in New York City is hard. Whenever something happened to me, I tend to blame myself. I am not good at fighting back. Well, I don’t need to fight, but at least I need to protect myself. Especially in New York City, if you don’t say a word, it means nothing happened at all. But little by little, New York made me stronger, and freer. By the way, do you have two sides of you? Sure,Read More

two languages, two selves ふたつの言葉、ふたりのわたし

Having the second language is so much fun! And useful. —for what? for being yourself. When I speak in my second language, I feel I am a simple, straight, and strong person. While in my first language, I feel I am soft, gentle, ambiguous, not straight person. Why? The biggest reason is that I have a huge gap between them. When I speak in my language, I’m like driving a car. I can drive as fast as I want. InRead More

anything is not my own すべてあずかりもの

This life is only a temporary residence. Anything I have is not my own. My body, family, house, and any of my possessions. Everything was given to me for no reason. I have been in charge for a while. Nobody told me this, but I believe in it for long time. Nice to see you! Let’s have fun together in this world! この世界は仮の宿。 すべてはいま、生きている間だけのもの。 からだも、家族も、家も、持ち物も。 理由はわからないけど、わたしに与えられたもの。 いつからかそれが私の普通。 お会いできて嬉しいです。 せっかく会えたのだから、ここで楽しみましょう。

new あたらしいもの

I love brand-new things.  New semester, blank note, empty space… I love feeling of the excitement when I get a new outfit. I love feeling of beginning.  Everything looks shiny, vivd, soft, and fresh… However, eventually everything fades little by little. And I am always disappointed by myself that how soon I get tired of them. When I find out that I am going to not cherish that “new” things anymore, I feel bad and sad.  I wish I were a person whoRead More

daiji だいじなもの

  Once I threw rings and earrings from my ex into the dark East River. That was my first big broke up. I was heart broken, and hoping to renew everything. I had no idea what to do, and getting rid off everything related to him was only choice I had. Also, I had to move out from my apartment, so I downsized all of my possessions to one big suitcase, one small suitcase, and one bag. I am going toRead More