hello world! はじめまして

my favorite poem わたしのいちばんすきな詩

Palms and Fingers: to Seimei Tsuji’s bowl Put my hands together, closed, it is a prayer opened, it is a bowl In this small hollow filled with water filled with my thoughts Hiding in the darkness of earth clear water a form which is waiting for someone Holding them up to the light, the delight of my palms and fingers The hollow of a bowl fulfilled by fruits of earth, water and fire something hopping something fragrant something overflowing EvenRead More

introducing yourself with your favorite poem 詩で自己紹介

When my husband met my family for the first time, he gave them an anthology of his favorite poet. I think that is very good way to introduce you to new people. It explains what means to you the most. Beautifully and poignantly. So I did introduce myself with my favorite poem as well. I felt that I revealed my soft part better than with thousands of words. What is your favorite poem? or song? Will show you in theRead More

dai joh bu だいじょうぶ

  dai joh bu だいじょうぶ “You are fine.” “Everything is gonna be alright.” “Everything is already perfect.” I want to say this to myself, and to everyone. I know I am vulnerable, cold, fragile, and selfish… Still I am perfect, in the way I am now. I am just fine. All I need to know is this. Please remind me when I lost. I do the same to you, when you need it. No matter what comes next, I am fine,Read More

SAYONARA, good girl! いい子とさようなら

SAYONARA, good girl! Living in New York City is hard. Whenever something happened to me, I tend to blame myself. I am not good at fighting back. Well, I don’t need to fight, but at least I need to protect myself. Especially in New York City, if you don’t say a word, it means nothing happened at all. But little by little, New York made me stronger, and freer. By the way, do you have two sides of you? Sure,Read More


Hello! My name is Yuko Weiner. I am from Japan, moved to US in 2012, currently living in Brooklyn, New York with my husband. Here, I write about my life, things and people most important for me. This blog is the way I say hello to the world. Well, at least for now… As myself will change all the time, so will this blog. Oh, one thing… I am going to write both in English and Japanese. However those areRead More