English and Japanese

my favorite poem わたしのいちばんすきな詩

Palms and Fingers: to Seimei Tsuji’s bowl Put my hands together, closed, it is a prayer opened, it is a bowl In this small hollow filled with water filled with my thoughts Hiding in the darkness of earth clear water a form which is waiting for someone Holding them up to the light, the delight of my palms and fingers The hollow of a bowl fulfilled by fruits of earth, water and fire something hopping something fragrant something overflowing EvenRead More

English as a writing tool えいごのつかいかた

The first language is something forms your personality. The second language is something you learn to communicate with others. With a lot of effort, with a system. “Btw, do you write first in Japanese? or English?” one of my friends asked me about this blog. My answer was “It depends on the topics. And also I often switch in the middle of writing. It’s like I have two people inside me, and they are talking the same topic in theRead More

two languages, two selves ふたつの言葉、ふたりのわたし

Having the second language is so much fun! And useful. —for what? for being yourself. When I speak in my second language, I feel I am a simple, straight, and strong person. While in my first language, I feel I am soft, gentle, ambiguous, not straight person. Why? The biggest reason is that I have a huge gap between them. When I speak in my language, I’m like driving a car. I can drive as fast as I want. InRead More