being myself

to you あなたへ

08/16/2019 being myself

i know i am a weirdo i cannot fit in i am not like her or him i just want to be myself i don’t do anything bad i thought i can be alone i tried many places i just wanted to talkwith someonewithout tryingto be normal so thank you for being in my life thank you fortalking with me さいしょからなんかちがうって思ってた どうしても、みんなと同じになれないみたい あの子ともあいつともどうもちがう じぶんでいたいだけなのになんにも悪いことしてないのにおかしいな ひとりでもいいやって思ったりいろんなところへ行ってみた ずっとだれかと話がしたかったがんばらないでわたしのままで話したかった だからそこにいてくれてありがとう わたしと話してくれてありがとう

spinning world はやすぎるせかい

08/01/2019 being myself

world is spinning too fast!everything is sharp and newtoo fast to graspoh, i found it!but in a secit’s not right anymorenoyou are the only one to believeyour heart is the guideif you feel it’s not right, don’t ignorelisten to itactually, the world is gentlewho wanted to speed it up?who wanted to have more and more? ときどき世界ははやすぎてなにもかもが新しくてカタカナで尖りすぎていてペラペラしているあ、これ、と思っても次の瞬間もう違うものになっているちがうんだよくるくる回る世界のなかで頼りになるのはあなたのこころすこしでもおかしいと思ったなら立ち止まってみて世界はほんとうはやさしいからはやくはやくって急いでいたのは誰だろうねもっともっとって欲しがっていたのは?

the sun

06/18/2019 being myself

the sun is not shining for othersjust doing its workstill, it makes others happyit creates so many things aroundyou know, you are actually the samewhen you do what you believe your life is for you are shining you give others hope wihtout knowing so just remember you are the sun of your life 太陽はなにもかんがえずに その使命を果たしてるだけ つかれたら休んだりもする でも、そこにいるだけであたたかい みんながうれしい あなたもそうなんだよ 夢中になっているとき 知らずにとおくのだれかを照らしている かんたんだよ あなたはひかり それを思い出すだけ

seedtime 種まき

03/06/2019 being myself

seedtime let’s plant seeds of joy. just to entertain myself. even if the harvest day won’t come, or i might not make it, i would still love to give myself pleasure. do not wait for being amused. (we cannot waste our time anymore, remember?) do it by yourself, for yourself. because, you are the one who knows about you the most, right? so, let’s seed something for the future, both near and far.   種まき 楽しいことの種をまきましょう。 じぶんを楽しませるために。 その種が実をつける日は来ないかもしれない、わたしはそこにいられないかもしれない。 それでもわたしはわたしを楽しませたい。 何かおもしろいことないかなって、何か起こるのを待つのはやめよう。(もうその時間はないの。)Read More

one day at a time いちにち、いちにち

03/06/2019 being myself

when you cannot say “in few years”, “someday” without thinking the possibility that the day might never come, you are probably not young anymore. you already know that sometimes, death parts us without notice. we are fragile creature. it is truly miracle that we live today. “i live well today. i will do it again, tomorrow.” repeat. we cannot waste any day anymore. we live one day at a time. have a nice day! and let us have fun whileRead More

how to deal with feelings? 感情とどう向きあう?

02/22/2019 being myself

how to deal with feelings? fear, sadness, loneliness, jealousy… feelings that stays in your mind and wouldn’t stop bothering you? harder you try to stop it, stronger it grows… do you have those? i do. i have some feelings stuck in my mind for long time. how to deal with them? first, i just look at it. to realize that there is that feeling inside me. and detach myself from that feeling. not blaming myself, not forcing to stop it,Read More