be “creative”? クリエイティブって?

05/06/2018 art

The word “creative” always makes me little nervous. Be creative! Be original! Be the only one! Should I really be that unique….? It makes me tired, too.   Last year, I watched a Japanese animated movie called “In this Corner of the World” which is a story of a young Japanese lady under the World War II. (By the way, this movie means me a lot. As the main character is exactly the same age as my grand motherer, IRead More

to connect to the world 世界とつながるために

01/10/2018 art

I love ceramics. Especially Japanese ceramics. I have been involved in this world since 2002 (!) But I don’t know why I love it. I love it because it meant to be used. I love it because it feels good in your hands. I love it because…. To be honest, I don’t have my answer yet. And I am feeling like I will never find it. That is why I love the poem about bowl. (see the last post) EveryRead More

to creators つくるひとへ

06/08/2017 art

to creators. Why do you make? I think people make things because they can’t help. While keep making, you started caring about other things. “Is that good enough?” “Is this worth it?” “What do I do with this, anyway?”… You’d start making reasons to make. Remember, at the very beginning, did anyone ask you to make that? I don’t think so. You started because you wanted to. Do you remember the feeling you had at the first time? The reasonRead More